We love to hear feedback from our customers!  Below you will find real unedited reviews from real iRepair Savannah customers.   If you have any feedback, good or bad, feel free to contact us today!’

Sydney M. – Florida, USA 03/2017

I was on vacation in Savannah and cracked the screen on my new phone. I was pleased with Nick’s service and surprised how quick it was fixed. Other perks are free soda and the shop itself is clean. Seems like the management is doing a great job here.

Lexie D. – Savannah, GA 03/2017

Great great service. Extremely fast service. I went in with a cracked screen came out with a beautiful fixed screen and it’s easy on the pocket. Also they have a cute inviting waiting room 10/10 recommend.

Taylor V. – Savannah, GA 03/2017

Excellent and efficient service. I broke my phone while partying today for St. Pat’s. It was fixed within ten minutes flat. Faith at the front desk was sweet and kept me entertained while I waited

Brandon K. – Savannah, GA 03/2017

I was there when the door open, they were fast and friendly, the lady at the desk took extra care in explaining everything they could and could not do and the price for all of it, she was very respectful.

Amanda G. – Savannah, GA 02/2017

These guys are phenomenal! When my computer broke I honestly thought that this was the end and it was time to start thinking about replacing it, they found the problem within an hour of dropping it off and were able to fix it faster and cheaper than I ever expected! I’ve used them twice and both times the results were excellent. I highly recommend them!
Thomas L. – Savannah, GA 01/2017
Great service! Quick turn around time. Ashley was very courteous and helpful with the “over the phone” correspondence. Best of all, reasonable price.

Reece T. – Savannah, GA 12/2016

Incredible service and an incredibly quick and thorough job! I’m a professional DJ and the screen on my Macbook Pro completely died on me with other glitches apparent as well. I had to DJ with it and with the music on it that same night. So I asked if they could solve my problem and solve it quickly. It cost a little more but their Tech did an amazing job and not only completely replaced my screen and fixed the wobbling and glitches, but he also solved my overheating problem and fixed other small hardware issues free of charge. And it took maybe 2 and a half hours.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this place!!!! SO PLEASED!!!

William C. – Savannah, GA 12/2016

This is a super-awesome place to have your Mac serviced. I have used their services twice on my 2012 MacBook Pro over the past couple of years. I am a public-school educator, so I use my Mac all-day-non-stop, and I can’t be a day w/o it. iRepair hooked me up, and they did it fast. If you live in the greater Savannah area and your Mac needs some help, there is no other choice for computer (esp Macs) repair and service.

Joe O. – Savannah, GA 12/2016

iRepair provides excellent, friendly, courteous and economical service and repairs. They also back up their repairs and if a part fails, they replace it the next day. Ashley looked over my phone, identified all the necessary parts and made additional recommendations based on her review. They gave me a price quote and ordered parts for next day delivery. They fixed the phone in less than 30 minutes. I was hesitant to get my Galaxy fixed or replaced. They made fixing it fast and affordable. Best in the business!

Paloma V. – Savannah, GA 10/2016

Got my battery fixed within 20 minutes! Great customer service too 🙂

Joe O. – Savannah, GA 10/2016

iRepair provides excellent, friendly, courteous and economical service and repairs. They also back up their repairs and if a part fails, they replace it the next day. Ashley looked over my phone, identified all the necessary parts and made additional recommendations based on her review. They gave me a price quote and ordered parts for next day delivery. They fixed the phone in less than 30 minutes. I was hesitant to get my Galaxy fixed or replaced. They made fixing it fast and affordable. Best in the business!

Reginald L. – Savannah, GA 10/2016

I took my IMac in for repairs. The whole process was top notch, with constant updates and reasonable pricing. I really appreciated the professionalism the receptionist displayed. I will be taking all my electronic repair jobs here for now on.

Kip E. – Savannah, GA 09/2016

Couldnt be better. Kind, courteous, quick service , and reasonable. What else can you ask for. He fixed my wife’s MacBook Pro that had gotten wet. Ryan is awesome!!!!!!

Larissa A. – Savannah, GA 09/2016

iRepair Savannah is a life saver! My iPhone 6 went swimming and they were able to repair it quickly and for a fair price. Ryan was friendly and super knowledgeable. I’ll return here for all of my future phone repair needs.

Bob B. – Savannah, GA 08/2016

What more could I want in this place? I called the day before and told them the problem. They tell me it’ll take 45 minutes to fix at X price. I tell them I’ll  bring it in toward the end of the next day. I take it in at 5:45 PM the next day, and the guy up front reaffirms that it’ll be done in 45. We pick it up 45 min later and it’s completely fixed and working like a dream for the price quoted. A+ amigos. 5 stars. How could it be otherwise?

Shakema B. – Port Wentworth, GA 07/2016

iRepair does excellent work and cheaper than having insurance. Speaking from experience, I have insurance and my deduc is 199$, when I only had to pay for 149$ at iRepair with phone fixed in 45minutes. Thank you iRepair.

Katie G. – Savannah, GA 06/2016

Last week my phone broke unexpectedly. I had to get it repaired as soon as possible to be able to adequately do my day job. I took my phone to the Bull Street location and it was fixed within a half hour. I appreciated the service and communication. Also, the building was very nice inside with a place to sit while you wait along with refreshments. Thank you for the quick help!

Rebecca W. – Richmond Hill, GA 06/2016

Thank you Richmond hill for putting this store close to us. I purchased a used Iphone 5S and immediately started having problems. The screen was popping up from the frame and was causing tons of problems on my screen. To add insult to injury my husband tried to fix it and then cracked the screen. The guys at irepair fixed the screen and also sured up the frame. They were very helpful and friendly. will use again for sure!!! and tell my friends for sure!!!

Nicole W. – Port Wentworth, GA 06/2016

Great place! Friendly, efficient, and fast! I’ve had phone repair service as well as assistance with moving items from an old computer to new!

Monica B. – Savannah, GA 06/2016

Speedy, courteous and reliable service in a small centrally located venue. I highly recommend it. Abbie, the head technician and manager, is friendly, helpful and great at what she does.

Melissa C. – Savannah, GA 05/2016

I can’t believe it, they fixed my computer it was a miracle! We went to computer advantage who’s even certified to work on macs and they couldn’t fix it and then another place who quoted me 1,000 to fix my computer. They were so understanding, patient and nice and just fixed my computer immediately. GO HERE!!!!!!!

Natasha R. – Savannah, GA 05/2016

They had my phone ready. For me in under an hour!! Great customer service!

Adam S. – Richmond Hill, GA 05/2016

Go see Jason. Magician with screens. Mine was spider webbed all the way across, I was in and out in 20 minutes.

Chris S. – Savannah, GA 04/2016

As a local business/restaurant owner, my team’s iPads and iphones get pretty beaten up. Within a 24 hour period, one of our Ipad Point of Sale screens cracked and my manager cracked his iphone. We scheduled to drop both off the following day and within 2 hours the next morning, both screens were fixed. We were back up and running and our guests were not impacted one bit! There is great peace of mind knowing that my business has a partner/neighbor like Savannah iRepair that we can rely on when these sort of thing happen.

Myrna C. – Los Angeles, CA 03/2016

By far the best place to get a screen done the staff is extremely accommodating and the repair is done while you wait literally took them only 45 min to fix my beyond shattered screen thanks to st. Pattys day lol. Thankfully I found these guys just a couple blocks done from river street highly recommend them for your phone repair.

Brian W. – Wilmington Island, GA 03/2016

Wilmington Island shop did my phone in 30 minutes right before closing, I would definitely use them again.

Darkus J. – Wilmington Island, GA 02/2016

iRepair is the best…especially when correcting someone else’s mistake (those iCracked people)!! They got me up and running in less than 30 minutes!!!

Rogar S. – Houston, TX 02/2016

My wife ended up in the hospital while we were visiting Savannah. I dropped my phone in the ER and the screen broke. This place is close to the hospital, and the tech stayed late to fix my phone. Very pleased.

Larrayne O. – Los Angeles, CA 02/2016

Absolutely thrilled with this place. I called for a quote for my I Mac and I dont know very much about them so I had no clue where the model number was or any information the receptionist who answered the phone was very helpful and had so much patience with me. Finally we got all the information they needed for the quote and I was pleased to find their prices beat out everyone else in town. Placed my order that same day and once they got the part they called me and repair my I MAC the same day I dropped it off. Absolutely love the service I received I recommend them to all my friends and family since.

Andi D. – Wilmington Island, GA 01/2016

My son had a cracked phone screen as well as cracked lap top screen. Both fixed in a very short period of time at the Wilmington Island location! Excellent service!

Drew. H. – Savannah, GA 05/2015

Had an amazing experience here! They fixed my phone in less than an hour! Great customer service too.

Bob T. – Savannah, GA 05/2015

Repair Savannah – Oglethorpe is outstanding. honest, fair, competent – what else can I say? They saved my bacon at a time when deadlines were looming. I know where I’m going the next time I have a problem with the insides of any ot our computers.

Regina B. – Savannah, GA 05/2015

The employees at the Oglethorpe Mall are the best! They had my cracked iPhone repaired in about 15 mins.

Bill B. – Bluffton, SC 04/2015

iPad repair great. Had cracked screen. Fixed min.wait time same day repair.. No appointment needed unlike an Apple stores.

Well worth it. Up front about repair and warranty of work.

Kay W. – Savannah, GA 04/2015

Customer service was awesome. My screen was cracked, and my home button had broke. My phone was fixed within forty minutes.

Jamie B. – Savannah, GA 04/2015

If you need a phone, ipad, computer screen, or tablet fixed this is the place! Their staff is polite, hardworking, and very knowledgeable. They can have your repairs finished in a jiffy and they have budget friendly prices with great service!

Bob. H – Savannah, GA 04/2015

Great service, great prices. Saved $400 as compared to buying a new iPad

Michael D. – Savannah, GA 04/2015

Everyone come get your broken, cracked, shattered, or completely obliviated technological devices fixed here!!! The environment here is mellow & relaxing with comfy love seats to relax on & wait!! The customer service & help is A-1 & definitely southern hospitality!!! Quick w/ quotes & service! Definitely coming back if anymore screens break lol
STUDENT AND/OR MILITARY DISCOUNT?!? Can’t get any better than that!!! Promotions Everywhere to make the customer(s) satisfied!!

Clarissa C. – Savannah, GA 03/2015

Great customer service and repaired my phone In a timely manner . Will definitely go back again and refer my friends (:

Courtney J. – Savannah, GA 02/2015

Heard about then from a shop in Statesboro, they can actually replace JUST the glass on a Samsung Galaxy 5s, which is RARE, and much less expensive than replacing the LCD too. Had to call ahead and order the screen, and 3 days later it came into the shop. A few hours later, and it’s all fixed up! Very kind and knowledgeable employees!!

Amelia N.  – Savannah, GA 01/2015

My charger on my Samsung Galaxy S4 Active was stripped. They fixed my phone on the spot in less than an hour. AMAZING.

Chad M. – Savannah, GA 01/2015

Just a week after getting a galaxy s3 (when they first came out).I had ordered a case but hadnt come in yet. I droped it and broke screen. I tired replacing glass my self and cracked the LCD. I brought in my phone and they had everything done in a couple of days. Only because the phone was new at time and didnt have parts. Price was very resonableand when my wife picked it up they gave her a case for free so I wouldn’t break it again until my case i ordered came in.

Nicola P. – Savannah, GA 01/2015

Love them!we have had to use their services several times and they have been great!friendly and fast!

Stephanie G. – Port Wentworth, GA 01/2015

Took my daughter’s iPhone 5C into the Port Wentworth location, great customer service, fixed her broken glass in a half hour, mentioned their Facebook deal and got 15% off!! Awesome!!!

Jennifer N. – Statesboro, GA 01/2015

Thank you so much I repair! My iPhone screen just stopped working. Verizon said I’d have to by a new phone. Your center and wonderful customer care had me taken care of in less than 40 minutes. Please consider having an satiate office in Statesboro. It is desperately needed! Also the repair cost was very reasonable. Again Thank you!

Reece C. — Rincon, GA — 09/14/2014

They had my phone all fixed up and looking like new in no time. Staff was helpful and even helped me setup my icloud

Kristi T. — Statesboro, GA — 09/14/2014

Walked in today because my new iphone would not power on at all nor would it charge. They were very friendly and very quick and it only cost me 29 dollars. Anyone who has an issue with them are probably just being rude to the employees. Great people, i’ll definitely come back.

Richard — Savannah, GA — 08/03/2014

Dear [iRepair]:
I think you are a genius! Everything on the new phone is working just as you said it would (and without the need for the killer app, autofill, or especially anything to do with Google) What a relief! Anyway, I just want to say how much I appreciate all your help, expertise, and patience. Many, many thanks to you.” -Richard

Sara W. — Rincon, GA — 07/05/2014

These guys are awesome! My phone looks brand new. Thanks!

Jill K. — Metter, GA — 07/03/2014

Great place, fixed my IPad in under two hours and per Best Buy it was not fixable. I love this place and the price was great. They did all this with a smile.
Emily M. — Savannah, GA — 06/08/2014
I have gotten my phone fixed more than once at iRepair (I’m a little clumsy to say the least) and they are GREAT! The staff is super nice and they get the job done quickly and it’s done correctly! I would definitely recommend them!

Dolores B. — Savannah, GA — 06/08/2014

Great place, fixed my IPad in under two hours and per Best Buy it was not fixable. I love this place and the price was great. They did all this with a smile.

Neil U. — Savannah, GA — 06/06/2014

A big thank you to all the folks at iRepair Savannah! Thought my iPhone 5 was gone for good, but you all brought it back and for a very reasonable price! Really fast repair time.

May C. — Savannah, GA — 04/29/2014

Very happy with the great price for services rendered. Friendly staff! I highly recommend this place! Definitely coming back with anymore iMac problems! ?

Carmen A. — Rincon, GA — 04/26/2014

I lost my entire customer database last week (a database it took me 3 years to create) and was desperate. I contacted iRepair Savannah and not only that Michael recovered my lost data but I rec’d impeccable customer service. These folks are very professional and I would recommend them to everyone.

Annie — Savannah, GA 04/15/2014

Had an amazing experience with irepair. They’ve repaired both my iphone4s and 5c..I would highly recommend this company. Awesome staff

Autumn V. — Savannah, GA — 04/04/2014

Brought my iPhone in for a repair this morning and had it back, good as new, in an hour and a half. Wonderful customer service and honest pricing. Hope I don’t break my phone again but if I do this will be the company I trust.

Nancy R. — Pooler, GA — 04/04/2014

If you find yourself with a cracked screen on your mobile device, I highly recommend iRepair in Savannah. They are fast and they’re good!

Nathanael W. . — Savannah, GA — 04/04/2014

Went into today to get S3 screen replaced. Price was as quoted and it was ready before they said it would be. Then I bought a new screen protector and it was defective. Took it back and not only did they replace it, the office manager put it on for me. Thanks Minna.

TJ D. — Clarksburg, WV — 03/23/2014

My ipad was cracked and locked out, took it to irepair ad even thoughthey were closing up they stayed and fixed everything in less than 2 hours and now it works as its brand new… i had the choice to pay to have it shipped to Cali and fixed or right here in Savannah, now my biggest regret was wasting time on debating for Cali. Clearly the best is right in Savannah. There is clearly no real competition.

Nicole E. — Savannah, GA — 03/13/2014

I did not initially have a good experience with iRepair Savannah, but after voicing my concerns I was reached out to immediately to find a resolution. Not only was this handled quickly but in my estimation the owner bent over backwards to address my concerns and make things right. This is a trustworthy business that truly strives for 100% customer satisfaction.

Micah R. — Savannah, GA — 03/09/2014

iRepair’s skilled tech staff and pleasant customer attentiveness helped me to get back up and running before the day was out. Thanks for the help y’all!

Leonard D.  — 02/21/2014

Thanks for Awesome Sevice

Ryan L. —  Savannah, GA —  02/28/2014
Took advantage of their Facebook promotion today. I got there about 10 minutes before they opened for business and they opened the door for me. Only took 45 minutes after I dropped off. Perfect time for a walk around Forsyth Park :). Very professional staff! Thanks for the help with the repair for my cracked screen! I will recommend you guys to all my friends!
Rob D. —  Philadelphia, PA — 01/10/2014
Excellent service and very knowledgeable employees, i would recommend everyone to shop here.
Charika S. — Savannah, GA  — 12/01/2013
They are some great phone and tablet specialist! ! And great and fair priced!!! ♡♡ them
Stephanie X. — Savannah, GA — 11/20/2013
They fixed my phone super fast and were very kind and professional!! Highly recommend using them!

Joyse L.– Savannah, GA  — 11/02/2013

Went to another apple repair shop that specializes in computer surgery and got the WORST experience. Originally came for a iPad screen repair and ended up with broken screens twice. I ended up coming here so they could fix my iPad and received wonderful customer service along with a speedy service. I really wish I came here the first time.
Nick P. — New York, NY — 09/09/2013
iRepair Savannah — A  CUT ABOVE THE RESTWhat sets a good service company apart from an extraordinary service company?In the technology business you might say it’s great technical expertise, broad product knowledge, and of course friendly customer service.But what happens if things don’t go as planned?  And despite the company’s best efforts to get your iPhone or tablet repaired on time, it is stymied by circumstances beyond its control.A good company will apologize for the inconvenience, offer you a refund,  or even give you a discount towards your next purchase.But extraordinary companies, like iRepair Savannah, go above and beyond their competitors  to keep promises to customers.Ryan and his professional staff of technicians at iRepair do impeccable work, have  superior technical know-how,  and tirelessly work to build trust  with their customers.  And in the end, it’s that trust that builds customer loyalty.So if you’re in the market to have your iPhone, iPad, cell phone, laptop or other electronic devices repaired, look no further.Put your trust in the experts at iRepair Savannah. You’ll  be a customer for life.

Robert J. — Pasadena, TX — 07/23/2013

I was in Savannah for business last week and dropped my iPhone..I know I should have it in a case, but any case I have tried is just to bulky. Anyway, I looked online for an Apple store and found this place. Savannah apparently doesn’t have an Apple store  They put a new screen on my phone in less then hour. My phone looked good and the price was $50 bucks less then my insurance deductible .

Beverly D. — Savannah, GA — 07/09/2013

I just wanted to thank you guys so much! I had my iPhone for about 4 months when the screen shattered. I was completely devastated but you guys came to my rescue! It looks amazing like it just came out of the box! You guys are amazing at what you do and I will tell everyone what an amazing job you’ve done. Couldn’t be happier ?

Tyler S. — Savannah, GA — 06/04/2013

I brought in an iPad that needed a screen replacement, and all the buttons had stopped working. The business only had an hour left before they closed, and I was told that it would all be fixed before they closed. I was shocked! I had brought my iPad to a different place when the screen needed repairing the first time, and they took about 5 days! AND they did a terrible job! iRepair Savannah not only had my screen fixed in under an hour, but they had done it right, and for the best price I’ve ever seen offered.

Lastly, they didn’t try to scam me either. The buttons didn’t need replacing at all, they were simply not held down right (because of – you guessed it – the previous company), so the technician simply added something to hold them down, and that was free of charge. They could have easily not told me it was a simple fix and charged me for the price of replacing the buttons, but they are a wonderful and honest company.
I will definitely use them again if I ever need to (though hopefully I don’t), and I suggest you do as well.

Patrick C. — San Diego, CA — 05/26/2013

Whether you live across the street or on the other side of the country (as I do), this locally-owned, high-quality repair shop deserves your business and trust. If they can’t help you, they’ll save you time and money by saying so, but unless your iPad got run over by a semi, they should be able to restore your device to like-new condition at a very competitive price. Thanks, Mike et al.!

James M. — Savannah, GA — 04/10/2013

After suffering through a broken iPad screen for months I decided to have it fixed after it fell a second time and completely shattered. I Google’d many places but was wary of the companies I found initially, and Apple wanted to charge me over $299. Luckily I found iRepair Savannah and walked into their office on a Thursday afternoon. After giving my contact info I parted with my iPad, which I hadn’t done since I received it, and by the next afternoon it was repaired for a total of $120 (give or take a dollar or two for taxes). Since then iRepair Savannah has repaired a broken HTC EVO 4G screen -same day,  and now my iPhone 4S back glass, same day as well. I plan on taking my MacBook there soon to repair it also, as it has been out of commission for year if not more.

Their service is prompt, technically perfect, and they don’t lambast you with technical jargon which I’ve always treated as “mechanic talk” to charge you extra for stuff you don’t need. I would highly recommend iRepair to anyone in Savannah or the surrounding areas if you want same day or next day service for a very reasonable cheap price.

Kevin M. — Detroit, MI — 02/14/2013

Cracked the screen in galaxy note 2 phone and was given quotes as high as $400 parts/labor to repair here locally in Michigan because (as mentioned before) according to them, the note 2 is not a glass only repair and the entire top half (glass/lcd/digitizer) would need to be replaced. Well after researching online, I came across irepair who stated they could do the glass only repair for a fraction of the cost so since I needed my phone repaired quickly, I next dayed my phone to them, they repaired it SAME DAY and next dayed back to me. My phone is as good as new and you would never even know the screen was ever damaged.

These guys are the best!

Kristy N. — Savannah, GA — 02/09/2013

I found iRepair Savannah when my iPone’s home button quit working. Everyone else quoted me high prices to fix it after they sent it out to be repaired and returned in 2 weeks. I was so relieved when I heard the prices that iRepair had for their services and they could do same day repair! He had it up and running in about an hour and found that the battery that was in it was not an Apple battery and had corrosion so he replaced it. Its running better than it ever has! I am so thankful for their services and their friendly work ethic! I will definitely be sending everyone I know there to get their irepairs! I highly recommend them!