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Don't risk "cheap" iPhone repair, trust the experts at iRepair SavannahSometimes customers ask us why we are not the “cheapest” in town… They say a picture speaks a thousand words. The phone pictured was “repaired” by a “cheap” repair place here in Savannah.

The customer went to this “cheap” place for a simple battery replacement, and came out without a working phone. The “new” battery was in-fact used (and damaged), many of the shields and screws in the phone were missing, worst of all the phone would not turn on at all. This “cheap” place blamed a small dent near the power/lock button for all the problems. The battery the “cheap” repair place installed was so badly damaged, it was a fire hazard!

It turned out a real new battery would have fixed the customers iPhone 6 Plus the first time, but the damaged battery seems to have caused more damage! Thankfully, we were able to get the customers phone up and running again with a new battery and some micro-soldering.

Just remember that cheap is not always good, and you tend to get what you pay for. At iRepair Savannah we offer competitive prices without sacrificing quality or service!  Don’t risk your expensive iPhone with some “cheap” repair place, trust iRepair Savannah, Savannah’s original repair shop since 2011.

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Spring Break iPhone Repair Sale

iRepair Savannah Spring Break 2017 iPhone Repair SaleSpring Break iPhone Repair Sale! This Wednesday – Saturday Only. Be sure to mention you saw us online to receive these sale prices. Voted Savannah’s Best Cell Phone Repair Shop – iRepair Savannah

iPhone ™ 5 / 5S / 5C / SE Glass / LCD Screen Replacement

$89.00 (Everyday low price)

iPhone ™ 6 Glass / LCD Screen Replacement
$99.00 (Web Special)

iPhone ™ 6 Plus Glass / LCD Screen Replacement
$109.00 (Web Special)

Phone ™ 6S Glass / LCD Screen Replacement
$119.00 (Web Special)

iPhone ™ 6S Plus Glass / LCD Screen Replacement
$129.00 (Web Special)

Phone ™ 7 Glass / LCD Screen Replacement
$189.00 (Web Special)

iPhone ™ 7 Plus Glass / LCD Screen Replacement
$209.00 (Web Special)

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Best Of Savannah 2017 Voting

BoS2017-Social-Media-Badge-600x312We were honored to be voted Best Cell Phone Repair 2016 by Connect Savannah readers.

Now we are shooting for Best Cell Phone Repair 2017 and Best Computer Repair 2017. Just type in “iRepair Savannah” into the box for the Best Cell Phone Repair and Best Computer Repair categories .

Be sure to vote for your other favorite Savannah businesses. You must vote in 40 different categories for your vote to count!

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Spring Sale Event

Spring iPhone Repair Sale iRepair SavannahiRepair Savannah Spring Sale! March 27th – April 1st Only! Spring is in the air in Savannah, and that means more outdoor activities with your devices. With that comes a higher chance of breaking your phone, tablet or laptop. Worry not, iRepair Savannah can have you fixed up fast, in most cases, in 30 minutes or less at any of our 5 Coastal Empire locations.

– iPhone 6 Screen Replacement : $99
– iPhone 6S Screen Replacement : $129
– iPhone 6 Plus Screen Replacement : $119
– iPhone 6S Plus Screen Replacement : $139
– iPhone 5 & iPhone 6 Battery Replacements : $59
– Laptop screen replacements starting at $89
– iPad 2/3/4/Air 1 Glass Digitizer Replacement : $109
– New lower prices on iPhone 7 repairs

Tempered glass screen protectors half off with any repair!

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iRepair Savannah Now a SCAD Card Merchant!We are excited to announce that our Downtown Savannah location on Bull Street is now accepting the SCAD card as payment for all repairs, services and accessories ! Be sure to ask about our new SCAD card discounts too!

Our Downtown Savannah location is just a couple of blocks from SCAD’s Arnold Hall, so you can drop off your iPhone, iPad, MacBook or other device on the way to class, and have it repaired and waiting for you after class.   At iRepair Savannah, we understand how important your devices are to your studies, and we do everything possible to get you up and running fast so you don’t miss a beat.   If you are facing an important deadline for a project or a test, just let us know and we will work with you to make sure you meet your deadline.

Thank you to the team at SCAD for getting us setup !

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Some Late Night Data Recovery

iRepair Savannah Data RecoverySome late night data recovery for one of our student customers.
This one was a fun challenge, a USB thumb drive with the connector broken off, and two solder pads missing. We managed to get all of the date safely off the drive and onto a shinny new thumb drive, in time for SCAD midterms 🙂
Did you know that iRepair Savannah offers expert data recovery from damaged Macs, PC laptops, external hard drives and USB thumb drives? If you ever need data recovery in the Savannah area, just give us a call or stop by!
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President’s Day Sale!

iRepair Savannah President's Day iPhone Repair SaleHuge President’s Day iPhone Repair Sale @ iRepair Savannah. This Monday Feb 20th – Saturday Feb 25th!

iPhone ™ 5 / 5S / 5C / SE Glass / LCD Screen Replacement

iPhone 6 Glass / LCD Screen Replacement

iPhone 6 Plus Glass / LCD Screen Replacement

Phone 6S Glass / LCD Screen Replacement

iPhone 6S Plus Glass / LCD Screen Replacement

Sale prices can not be combined with other discounts or offers.

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iPhone 7S & iPhone 8 Rumor Roundup

We have had a lot of customers ask us what the next version of the iPhone will be. While everything is open to speculation at this point, this is what we *think* we know so far…
Apple is likely to release 3 new iPhones this September. The iPhone 7S, iPhone 7S Plus and the iPhone 8 (or iPhone X).
The 7S and the 7S Plus are looking like they will be modest upgrades of the current iPhone 7S/7S Plus. Upgrades will likely include a faster processor, better battery life and maybe wireless charging. Another rumor points to possible facial recognition for security, but I tend to think this is something Apple will skip this year.
Most analysts agree that the 7S/7S Plus will keep the same design (Including the new home “button” that most of our customers, and this writer dislike) as the current iPhone 7. Some analysts however think that the 7S and 7S Plus will get all glass backs in place of the aluminum bodies we have known since the iPhone 5.
The iPhone 8 (or iPhone X) is where things get interesting… Supply chain rumors and leaks suggest this will be a radical redesign. The iPhone 8 is rumored to sport a curved OLED screen (The same type of screen used on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge) and an all glass body.
The iPhone 8 screen size is rumored to be a massive 5.8 inches, but the phone itself will remain about the size of the iPhone 7 Plus due to the curved screen. This model quite possibly will do away with the home button completely and replace it with a virtual on screen button.
This leads to the question, why would Apple release 3 different model iPhones at once. Analysts point to price and supply issues as the main reasons.
The iPhone 8 will be featured as a “high end, premium” model, while the 7S and the 7S Plus will be “mainstream” models. Most expect the iPhone 8 will cost upwards of $1,000, and be limited in availability due to the difficulty in producing curved OLED screens.
The iPhone 7S and 7S Plus are expected to use the same type of screens currently used in the iPhone 7 (LCD), and cost about the same as the current iPhone models.
Just about everyone agrees the new models will be announced in September, and as we get closer, the rumors should become a lot clearer.
Phone from left to right: Rendered images based on rumor of the iPhone 7S, iPhone 8/X and iPhone 7S Plus (Image Source Forbes) Stay tuned!
 iPhone 7S and 8 Render
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Liquid nitration trend warning

warning_liquid_nitrogen-gifWe are seeing a big trend on Youtube with people playing with liquid nitration. Here at iRepair Savannah, we work with liquid nitration on a daily basis for glass and LCD separation, and it is not something to play around with!

We use full face masks, elbow length thermal gloves and thermal protective suits to keep ourselves safe. Even a small amount of liquid nitration can cause serious injury.

We also only use liquid nitration in a very well ventilated area with oxygen level monitors. Liquid nitration displaces oxygen. If used in an enclosed area or if the gases are inhaled, it can suffocate you!

Well these videos can be funny and entertaining, please do not try liquid nitration experiments (or repairs) at home.